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Pre-Departure Test Requirements and Health Code Application Procedures for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games (Related Personnel)

2022-01-28 03:06

1、Download theMy 2022smartphone applicationand log in to the Health Monitoring System(HMS)atleast 14 days before departure to China

2. Make sure you are fully vaccinated at least 14 daysbefore travelling to China. Upload your vaccination certificate to the HMS.

3 . Check your health daily for the 14 days beforedeparture for China

- Take your temperature daily and track it in the HMS. It is recommended that you monitor your health at the same time every day to ensure consistency.

4. If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19in the 14 days before departure for China

- Consult with a medical professional for next steps

- Inform your CLO

5. All Games participants must take the necessaryCOVID-19 tests required to enter China

- Take two Covid-19 PCR tests on two separate days (with a minimum 24-hour interval) within 96 hours of the departure of your flight to China (final leg of the flights, if you are travelling indirectly)

- One of the two tests must be within 72 hours of departure. This test must be done by a testing provider approved by your Chinese Embassy/Consulate

6. If you are fully vaccinated and have previouslybeen infected with COVID-19, submit the following to Beijing 2022 (phs_1@beijing2022.cn) for review, at least eight working days before your planned departure:

- Medical/laboratory certificates (in English) that prove your infection and recovery (including dates of infection and recovery, if possible)

- An application form your CLO will give you

- If your recovery is within 30 days of your planned departure, negative test results from two COVID-19 (PCR) tests taken with a minimum 24-hour interval at any time after your recovery

- Beijing 2022 will review the submitted documents within five working days and inform you whether you are eligible for travel to China

7. For the Green Health QR Code:

If your two Covid-19(PCR)tests taken within 96 hours of departure are negative, upload photo files of the necessary documents listed below to https: //hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/h5/:

- Valid passport or other travel document

- Games accreditation(PVC or OIAC/PIAC) or visa with invitation letter from Beijing 2022

- Test result certificate of PCR test and Igm antibody test taken within 72 hours of your departure flight to China from a provider approved by your Chinese Embassy/Consulate

  - If you have previously been infected with COVID-19, approved application form signed and stamped by Beijing 2022

- Your Chinese Embassy/Consulate will review the documents and electronically issue the Green Health QR Code that you will need to enter China

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