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Notice on Adjusting Pre-departure Requirements for passengers flying to China from Bahrain

2022-05-26 22:03

In addition to a valid visa or residence permit to enter China, Chinese citizens and foreigners need to obtain health codes from the Chinese Embassy in Bahrain and from the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in the transit country before each boarding.

Starting from May 18th, 2022, testing requirements for passengers flying to China from Bahrain have been adjusted as follows:

1. Passengers must take two PCR tests within a period of 24 hours before boarding in the designated hospital. The hospital will conducttwo nasal swab samples at the same time and use two different detection reagents to test respectively. IgM tests (regardless of the vaccination status ) are no longer required.

2. All passengers must take an antigen test within a period of 12 hours before boarding, in the designated hospital.  

3. Applying for Health Declaration Code (HDC)

Electronic Health code/declaration application website for foreign passengers:

You can create your account and have other documents ready in advance. (e.g. Passport, proof of Bahrain residency, air ticket, etc.)

Once you receive the negative-PCR and negative-Antigen test results, you can upload all documents and submit for approval.  The Embassy will assess all documents and make a decision based on a comprehensive review.

Take a screen shot of the green HDC once issued by the Chinese Embassy in Bahrain. In the transit country submit the screen shot, together with the test results, as required by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate of the transit country.  


1. Al-Salam Specialist Hospital is the only designated testing hospital for the Chinese Embassy in Bahrain. Their working time for tests is 7:30a.m. - 7:30p.m. PCR test result can be produced in 12 hours, Antigen test result can be obtained in 15 minutes.

2. There is no direct flight to China from Bahrain, only one transit is allowed, and HDC applications are required from both the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in Bahrain and at the transit country. 

The Chinese Embassy in Bahrain reminds all passengers to
confirm with the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in the transit country for HDC application requirements there in advance to properly arrange the trip). 

3. In addition to the above standard tests, travellers who were previously infected with Covid-19 must
also undergo two cross-negative PCR tests (within a 24 hours interval apart) in Al Salam Specialist Hospital or Royal Bahrain Hospital.

Please submit these two PCR reports to the Chinese Embassy within 3 days after PCR tests for
approval at
consulate_bhr@mfa.gov.cn.  After receiving approval, please carry out 14 days of self-quarantine and health monitoring.   

Please strictly follow all requirements and safety precautions before and during your trip.

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