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Notice on the Current Visa Application Procedures (updated June 16, 2022)

2022-06-20 17:53

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chinese government has been adjusting the visapolicy following the development of the pandemic. This Notice is to introduce the current visapolicy and the application procedures. If you need to apply for a visato China from the Embassy, please follow the instructions:

1. Visa Typesand Basic Document:



Applicable Situation

Basic Documents

(For other required documents, the applicant will be informed by the staff)


Visits related to activities of economy and trade, science, technology exchanges, etc.

Invitation Letter PU which shall be issued by Chinese central government agencies and enterprises, provincial level foreign affairs office or commercial department, foreign affairs office of prefecture level city and other relevant authorities.



Valid “Notification Letter of Foreigner's Work Permit” or the original “Foreigner's Work Permit”



Z visa / M visa /F visa holder's spouse/ minor children (under 18 years of age) / parents/parents-in-law

*If Z visa / M visa/F visa holder’s adult child (18 years of age or older)or his/her spouse apply for a Family Visit (S2) visa, please submit the statement to specify the situation, in addition to the relevant documents.

1.Proof of kinship between the applicant and the inviter (e.g. Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate)

2. Invitation Letter

3. Photocopy of the  information page of the inviter's passport and Valid residence Permit /Z visa / M visa/F visa

(The application documents for S1/S2 visa may vary from case to case. The staff will provide specific guidance )



Foreign family member of a Chinese citizen currently living in China

Foreign family member of a foreigner with Permanent Residence Card living in China.

 *The "family member" include: Spouse/Parents/Parents-in-law/Child/Child's Spouse/Grandparents/Grandchild/Sibling

1. Proof of kinship between the applicant and the inviter (e.g. Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate)

2. Invitation Letter

3. Inviter's Chinese ID card, or foreigner's passport and Permanent Residence Card in China 

(The application documents for Q1/Q2 visa may vary from case to case. The staff will provide specific guidance )


High Level Foreign Talents

“Confirmation Letter for High Level Foreign Talents”

* spouse or minor child (under 18 years of age) submits proof of relationship (e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate) to apply for S2 visa.


Crew member

1.Guarantee Letter from transport company

2. Photocopy of crew member ID (both sides)

2. For emergency humanitarian visa beyond the above scope, such as  visiting critically ill relatives or attending funerals in China, Please provide the proof of relationship between the applicant and the patient or deceased, a critical illness notice issued by a hospital or a death certificate and identity documents of the patient or deceased (Chinese Identity Card or foreigner's passport).

3. Visa application procedure:

    1) Applicants fill out the visa application form online (https://cova.mfa.gov.cn), print out the confirmation page and form, and sign the confirmation page and Item 9 of the form.

2)   Visit the Embassy on visa application day with the following documents:

2.1) Visa application form and confirmation page.

2.2) Original passport with at least one blank visa page and valid for at least 6 months.

2.3) One photocopy of data and photo pages of the passport.

2.4) One recently-taken, color, passport photo against a light background

2.5) One photocopy of Bahrain Residency Permit

2.6) One photocopy of COVID-19 vaccination record (Vaccines should be approved for emergency use authorization or fully approved in the market by China or the World Health Organization.)

2.7) Other required documents depending on the visa type ( details in part 1) 

 If other supporting documents are needed, the staff will inform the applicants.

4. Visa Application Time

   Tuesday ( 8:00 -- 12: 30) at the Consular Section Building of the Embassy

5. Embassy Address

   Building 1109, Road 2819, Block 428, Al Seef, Manama

6. Health Code Application

In addition to a valid visa or residence permit to enter China, Chinese citizens and foreigners need to obtain a health code from the Chinese Embassy in Bahrain and from the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in the transit country before each boarding. For the latest health code application requirements for passengers who have obtained a visa and are flying to China from Bahrain, please refer to Notice on Adjusting Pre-departure Requirements for passengers flying to China from Bahrain (http://bh.china-embassy.gov.cn/eng/lsfw/202205/t20220526_10693202.htm) published on May 26, 2022.

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