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Notice regarding Updated Requirements for the Green Health Code Application for Passengers Flying to China from Bahrain

2022-07-11 14:14

To reduce cross-border transmission of Covid-19, all Chinese and foreign passengers flying to China must apply for green health codes from Chinese Embassies/Consulates before boarding their flight to China.

Starting from July 1, 2022, the Chinese Embassy in Bahrain will issue a health code according to the following requirements.

1.Test Requirements:

Within a period of 48 hours before boarding the departure flight from Bahrain, Passengers must take two PCR tests (both of which should be Nasopharyngeal swab type tests, but each using a different type of test reagent). The 2nd PCR test should be undertaken within a period of 24 hours before boarding. The test time is based on the sampling time indicated on the report. There should be an interval of over 24 hours between two samplings.

2.Test Institution:

AlSalam Specialist Hospital can currently provide tests with two different test reagents, so passengers should take the double tests with this institution. There should be an interval of over 24 hours between two samplings. (Note: As we are aware that Al Salem Specialist Hospital deliver their daily Covid-19 swab samples to test lab at around 18:00, so if the passengers’ Bahrain flight departure time is after 18:00, on an exception basis, you can go to this Hospital 2 or 3 hours before 18:00 on the previous day. With this exception, passengers do not need to strictly abide by the rule of “ 2nd test within 24 hours before boarding “ and “over 24 hours between two samplings”)

3.Test Reports:

The negative test reports should contain specific information such as date of sample collection, type of test reagent used, date of report, applicant name, passport number, date of birth, the testing hospital’s stampetc.

4.About Transit:

There are no route or transit time limits for passengers departing from Bahrain to China. Please note that passengers need to have tests and apply for green health codes separately in Bahrain, as well as the last transit place of their final direct flight to China. Green codes are only required for the origin country of departure and last transit country to China, passengers do not need to apply for a green health code in a transit country where there is no direct flight to China. Prior to their trip, passengers are reminded to please check carefully, and keep updated with the tests and green health code application requirements of the Chinese Embassy in Bahrain and the Chinese Embassy /Consulate in the last transit country, and to schedule their transit times accordingly.

5.Passengers With Infection History:

Following recovery, passengers with either a Covid-19 infection history or positive PCR test, should take two PCR tests at any regulated test institution in Bahrain, with a sampling interval of over 24 hours.

If both test results are negative, passengers should then undertake at least 14 days self-health monitoring and be clear of any symptoms prior to following this notices 48 and 24 hour pre-departure test requirements. To apply for a green health code, their Covid-19 positive test report and additional two negative PCR reports of recovery proof are required.

6.Close Contact, Suspected Symptoms, Presumptive Positive PCR Results:

Passengers who are close contacts of Covid-19 infected patient or with suspected conditions, are required to undergo 5-days of self-health monitoring and, following this, should request their health code in accordance with the normal requirements, provided of course they are symptoms free during the 5-day monitoring period.

7.How To Apply:

(Note: Chinese passengers should apply green health code with “ HS “ mark via Wechat App).

Foreign passengers departing from Bahrain should apply for the green health code with “HDC” mark by scanning the following QR code with the mobile phone to upload the following documents :

7.1 Two negative PCR test reports

7.2 Complete flight itinerary

7.3 Passport copy (showing personal identity data and photo)

7.4 Covid-19 vaccination certificate (with QR code or BeAware Bahrain certificate with green


7.5 Bahrain residency permit and CPR

7.6 Passengers with Covid-19 infection history must additionally upload their Covid-19 positive report
plus their two additional post infection proof of recovery PCR test reports.

For your convenience, it is recommended that you create your account and have all other documents ready in advance of you getting your final pre-travel test results. Once you receive the two 48/24 hour pre-travel negative-PCR test results, you can upload all documents and submit for approval. 

Take a screen shot of the Green QR code with “HDC” mark issued by the Chinese embassy in Bahrain. In the last transit country submit the screen shot, together with the transit country test results and all other documents as required by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate of the last transit country.  


There is currently a high risk of being infected during international travel, so people intending to travel to China are advised to frequently check the requirements of the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in both Bahrain and their final transit country, as well as transit time and airlines requirements, and to plan their travel accordingly. People who are due to travel to China must ensure they undertake good personal protection before and during the journey, make sure they carry out personal health monitoring before travel, and avoid becoming stranded due to being tested positive before boarding in the transit country.

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