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Notice regarding Updated Requirements for the Green Health Code Application for Passengers Flying to China from Bahrain

2022-11-15 18:00

Notice regarding Updated Requirements for the Green Health Code Application for Passengers Flying to China from Bahrain

All Chinese and foreign passengers flying to China must apply for a green health code from a Chinese Embassy/Consulate, based on their trip plan before boarding their flight to China. Starting from the issuance of this Notice, the Chinese Embassy in Bahrain will issue a health code according to the requirements of this notice.

1. Test Requirements
Passengers who fly from Bahrain to China via a third country, and those who fly from a third country to China transiting in Bahrain, can choose to get their nucleic acid test in either a laboratory in the origin country of departure or in the transit country based on their travel plan.  They should then apply for a health code from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in the country (region) where the laboratory is located. Please ensure your green code remains valid before departure of your final flight to China.

Passengers who decide to apply for a health code in Bahrain should take one nucleic acid test within a period of 48 hours before their final direct flight to China (started from the sample collection time).

They can apply for a health code when the test result is negative.

For example, if your departure time from Bahrain is on December 9th, and your final direct flight to China is on December 10th, your nucleic acid test time can be on either December 8th or December 9th, as long as your sample collecting time is less than 48 hours before your final direct flight time on December 10th.  Please remember to leave enough time for green health code application.

2. Test Institution
The test can be done at any legalized test institution authorized by the Bahrain Health Ministry, which can provide a standardized test report with QR validation code.  The negative test report should contain specific information such as time of sample collection, applicant name, passport number, date of birth,the testing institution name, etc.

From the perspective of test accuracy and reducing cross infection risk, AL SALAM SPECIALIST HOSPITAL is still recommended for the PCR test.

3. Green Health Code Application
3.1 Documents to be uploaded:
       a)  Nucleic acid test result
       b)  Flight itinerary
       c)  Passport, Chinese visa or residency permit

3.2 How to Apply:
      (Note: Chinese passengers should apply green health code with “HS“ mark via Wechat App).
     Foreign passengers should apply for the green health code with “HDC” mark by scanning the following      
     QR code with the mobile phone to upload the documents mentioned in the above section 3.1.

For your convenience, it is recommended that you create your account and have all other documents ready in advance of you getting your final pre-travel test result. Once you receive the  pre-travel negative-PCR test result, you can upload all documents and submit for approval. 

Travel before the green health code expires and be prepared for checking by the final direct airline before boarding  the flight to China.

1. There are no additional test requirements for passengers with Covid infection history, or who are close contacts of Covid-19 infected patient or with suspected conditions.

2. In the event of any inconsistency between the previously released information and this notice, this notice shall prevail.

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